Pre-Order Policy

This Pre-Order policy will in greater detail explain the regulations shown in the descriptions of Pre-Orders. The following will explain how we handle Monthly Pre-Orders, Payments & Cancellations, and Estimated Shipping of Pre-Orders.


Monthly Pre-Orders

     We will be offering Pre-Orders every month as soon as we get the products available for pre-order from our distributors. Our distributors usually post this information 2 weeks prior to the Pre-Order month. For example, the pre-orders we promote say July 2020 will be posted for us on our distributors website around mid June 2020. We will strive to post the pre-orders as soon as we receive them.

     The pre-orders of the month will be included in our monthly newsletter so make sure to sign up to our newsletter so you can receive the latest info on anime products coming out!

Payments & Cancellations

     Once you go though the checkout and purchase the pre-order product, the payment method used will be charged in full for 3 reasons. One is that the payment gateway we have does not allow for partial payments. Two is that we do not want to catch you by surprise and charge you when you do not have the necessary funds. Lastly, we do this to ensure our customers will be able to receive the product in case the go out of stock.

     Cancellation of pre-orders will be available before our distributors ship us your pre-ordered product. This is usually a month prior to the estimated ship date shown in the description of each pre-order. We will send out an email notifying you when it is no longer possible to cancel your pre-order. If you may wish to cancel your pre-order before the deadline you may do so by sending an email to with the order #, your name and what product you wish to cancel.

Estimated Shipping

     We use estimated ship date because we do not know the exact date we will receive the pre-ordered product. However, as soon as we receive it we will strive to notify and ship it to you as soon as possible. The delivery service you chose whether it is 2-day, 5-7 day shipping etc. is from the time we drop off the package to the delivery carrier.