About us


The Birth of Kimura Anime 

Kimura Anime LLC, was founded by co-founders and Friends Antonio Miranda (Chief Executive Officer), Erick Chino (Chief Operations Officer) and Pedro Gonzalez (Chief Marketing Officer) on September 18, 2018. 

Why Kimura Anime?

Kimura Anime was formed to make anime more accessible to the Phoenix Metro Area. Growing up in Phoenix, the only anime related items were found in second hand stores or in supermarkets, but it was generic and not a large selection. Even though it is online, Kimura brings a fast delivery and a sense of community to the Phoenix Metro Area.

The Kimura Dream 

One day we hope to bring a physical store location to our home city of Phoenix. One that would serve as a store, a place where anime lovers of all kinds can hangout, chat, and make new friends with the same interests; like a community center for anime lovers. Kimura Anime has reached out to a local club, Anime Arizona (you can find them in the meetup app), and together we are working towards what is the best for the community. We hope that in a few years or sooner, we can have our Physical location! 

You too can help our dream come true by joining our news letter, shopping and spreading the word!

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