Dr. Stone Anime - My First Impression

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Dr. Stone Anime - My First Impression

I have to say that I recently started watching this anime series, many of my friends have told me to watch it, but have been placing it aside and boy what a mistake that was.. The first episode itself has me regretting not watching it sooner. Dr. Stone is based on the manga and from what I have heard, both don't disappoint (I just ordered 7 manga books to read along and compare them).

The series starts with Taiju Oki, an athletic high school student), ready to confess his love to his crush, Yuzuriha Ogawa. Everything was perfect until Bam! A green light appears and every human (and some birds) are turned into stone. Now, I did laugh at this part. About to confess your love and then turned into stone. The following scene was awesome! The transition from modern day to 3,700 years was perfect. It started from chaotic disaster to nature claiming back the earth, it reminded me of “Life after humans.” Taiju then wakes up, his feeling of confessing his love to Yuzuriha keeps him alive and conscious. He finds out that he is not the only human alive. He comes across Senku Ishigami, a brilliant high school student obsessed with science. Senku awoke six months before Taiju and has been working in building a place to work and to figure out how to turn everyone back to flesh. 


This scene right here made me laugh so hard and I have a good feeling that a lot of good comedy will be part of the series!


 Right away, both of them start working together to find a cure to bring the people back from their stone prisons. They make the perfect team. Senku with the brains and Taiju with his strength do complement each other and after a year they have what appears to be a cure. They begin by testing it on a small bird, and yes, the bird was released from its stone form! I was excited along with the characters, and that is when I realized that I was captivated by the show, and that I couldn't wait to see more of the upcoming episodes.


My opinion?

  • This series has beautiful artwork, you are hypnotized by the detail they place in the art throughout the episode.
  • The voice actors match the characters, and it is very aligned with the lip movements.
  • Comedy - It is very hard to adapt action, science, adventure and comedy into a flowing episode. Still, they managed, it really does make the episode so much enjoyable. 
  • The plot - at first i was skeptical, but this is a heck of a show. I couldn't resist and watched the next episode.... it's so good!


If you have not yet watched it, please do so! Don't be like me! I recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good series to watch.

If you have already watched it please comment below, what was your reaction when you watched the first episode? Are you still enjoying it?

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